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Smart digital healthcare solutions for Myanmar

Quality Healthcare Services Delivered Through Technology

Telehealth is a quick way for patients who need care right away to connect with reliable, affordtable care regardless of their schedule or transportation options. Pun Hlaing Telehealth offers other delivery options create opportunities for home care, pharmacy, and follow up care.

Smart, Convenient, and Secure

We are empowering patients, employees, and corporates with quality healthcare services.

Quality care available 24/7/365
Our multi-disciplinary team of full-time doctors are available in the palm of your hand. You can consult with family doctors within 15 minutes.
Information at a tap
All your medical records are stored securely and made available any time you need. Receive a summary of your consultation and treatment plan right after a call.
Efficient, and effective
Save money by avoiding unnecessary admissions. No need to spend time on travelling or waiting in a doctor’s office, and no need to take time off from work.

Case Notes

Automatically receive a summary of your consult and treatment plan.

Electronic Medical Record

Check your entire medical history at Pun Hlaing Hospitals.


Order prescriptions easily and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Online Payments

You can pay with WaveMoney, WavePay, KBZPay, KBZmbanking, CBPay, and more.

Book an Appointment

Easily book doctors of your choice for both online and offline consultations.

Connected Healthcare

Get access to a network of clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals around you.

Health Awareness

Read personalized health-related articles and discussions from doctors.


Get access to emergency care from your smart devices.

Video, Voice, and Chat

Get access immediately to a doctor via various communication methods.

For Corporates

Heathcare designed to care for your employees 24/7/365.

Provide end to end healthcare benefit to employees.