Yoma OUE Healthcare


Flu Vaccination service:

We care about your employees in getting quality of healthcare service. Part of our preventive measure for corporate, we provide flu vaccination service in collaboration with an authorized distributor and we are ready to deliver the service in both on-site and mobile option. Our coverage of service is all major city of the country by using our primary care network. 

Home Care Service

  • Patients who are unable to come and see doctors at clinic or hospital.
  • Patients who need follow up care after discharge.
  • Patients who are bed-ridden with chronic diseases.
  • Aged patients who need regular health care.
  • Foreigners or tourists who need on-site health care service at hotel.
  • Health consultation and treatment 
  • ECG
  • Laboratory investigations 
  • Blood sugar test (Glucometer) 
  • Minor Wound dressing and Bed sore dressing
  • Multivitamin / Antibiotic injections, Drip Infusion 
  • Insertion / Removal of feeding tube (Nasogastric Tube) and urinary catheter 
  • Nebulization 
  • Nutritional assessment

Medical Check Up